Online DVD Rentals in Australia

Renting your DVD movies online is the fast and efficient way of viewing what you want to watch and when you want to watch from the comfort of your own home. Online DVD rentals have been around for years in America,the UK and in other parts of the world, yet many Australians have never heard of them.

Renting DVDs through the internet is a new idea in Australia. Please read the how it works section to the right for an idea on how it works - Its is simple, fun and free! Below are a number of the best offers available in Australia.

DVD rental offers updated 16th June 2008.
Who Initial Offer No of DVD's Best standard offer Delivery More Info
14 day FREE-trial to new customers (up to 5 DVDs)
Australia's largest stock
Free & fast delivery
User friendly site
Starts at 1 disc and 2 mailings per month from $9.95
More Info on DVD Rentals from QuickFlix
1 month free trial
Rent movies, TV shows, Documentaries or Kids DVDs
Various plans to suit your viewing habits
Webflicks - Rent movies, TV shows, or Documentaries with free delivery and free return post. Keep them as long as you want with over 20,000 titles on offer from classics to new releases plus monthly plans starting from as little as $9.95.
Webflick more info
Buy one month get the second free
Starts at 1 DVD per time with unlimited exchange per month from $18.95
14 day free trial - 1 disc at a time OR 2 discs (See best standard offer)
$17.95 per month for 1 disc at a time OR $26.45 per month for 2 discs at a time

More Info

If you're new to the idea, check our quick 'How It Works' section to the right. Even if you've already tried renting DVDs online, the wide range of competing companies can make it pretty tough to decide which one is right for you.

The great thing about renting movies online is that most companies give you an unlimited amount of rentals, the only restriction is that you have to rent as a minimum 2-8 movies per month depending on the company. A further great thing to note is that you can return them any time you want without getting late fees. You also have the added convenience of being able to have the movies delivered straight to your mailbox, and you return them in pre-paid packaging.

Choosing the right company

Film Range

Most of the companies will cover all of the new releases and latest films. The size of available titles becomes important if you're a looking for obscure genres or subject matter. The best advice we can give is to browse the list of sites above and then choose one that covers your taste in films. Obviously the more titles available the larger the range will be.

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Some customers may have had slightly quicker shipping times from companies located nearby. However, this should not be the sole deciding factor in choosing one site over another as variety, cost and service are all important.

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The price of DVD rentals should not be a critical factor in choosing the right service. Usually you will already be getting a discount over what you would pay at your local video store, therefore service is important.

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Not all Australian DVD rental companies offer phone support, however all will offer some form of support, usually by email. It can be very differcult and frustrating trying to contact them by email if you have problems with your rented DVD, therefore we recommend choosing a rental outfit that offers telephone support as standard.

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Adult Films

Some online rental companies do adult films. Several are family sites and therefore will not offer adult films. There are also separate adult DVD rental sites such as Adultflix which hold a large range of adult titles.

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